May 23, 2024

Fungasm Friday!




I mean like, shit.

It’s barely been a week that I’ve felt like I could hear a Bowie song playing in the grocery store without the need to pause and mourn the loss of such a talented and amazing creature.

And now, my sweet Prince.

I never actually got to see him live. But I did get to dance in the streets of downtown San Francisco with thousands of other happy drunk people to 1999 on New Year’s Eve that year. Raspberry Beret was one of the first songs I remembering hearing on the radio as a kid and thinking “Wow, that’s music” I gyrated inappropriately with cute boys in dark corners at my high school while Cream played. I ‘found myself’ in underground secret basement parties listening to dance mixes of When Doves Cry.That mug shot magnet in the last picture there? That is the first thing I have put on my fridge in every new place I have lived since my divorce. I think it’s safe to say that Prince was kind of a big deal in my life and it just didn’t feel right trying to write a post this week without mentioning his passing.

Like a good book, music shapes us it stays with us, has the ability to transport us back to places and times and I will be forever thankful for those awesome memories.


Speaking of memories, do you remember when the  Horror Happens Radio Show had an episode with John Skipp and Danger Slater talking about Danger’s new book I Will Rot Without You and you missed it because you were busy because it was on during the middle of the day here on the West coast and some people work a 9-5 kind of schedule? Well I’m pleased to announce that all of their uncensored archives are now avalible at

In other fantastic wonderful news Boned, the feature film by Miss Laura Lee Bahr is now available to rent or buy on Itunes. If you like dogs or people or dominatrixes or goth kids or smug funny plastic surgons or quirky dogwalkers …this movie has something for you. It’s a great movie with sexy people (Bai Ling!) and enjoyable performances from everyone in the film.

I also highly recommend that people in the Los Angeles area look into the Long Form Religious Porn release party that is coming up this Friday the 29th and will be held at the Stockroom.  It’s going to be a fun time and I really think you should be there.

And on that note, I think I will leave you to your weekend.

I hope you have a great one.

I hope you dance to Prince.

It doesn’t matter if you get all dressed up and go out to one of the millions of dance parties being held in his honor this weekend or if you dance iat home wearing old pajamas.

Just dance. And celebrate.

Much Love, #bizarropress #teamfungasm #fungasmpress