May 23, 2024

Fungasm Friday

I believe I mentioned last week how incredibly adorable Miss Laura Lee Bahr is and this week I would like talk a little more about that. Not only is she a sweet and kind human, Laura is also extremely talented. Her new movie Boned starring Angela Landes, Bai Ling and some super cool goth kids. I was super lucky to be able to see this movie in the theater during it’s limited release and it’s really good. Funny and entertaining while being pleasantly unpredictable. And now us peoples here at Fungasm Press are happy to announce you can now Rent or Buy here:

“In the film, Landis plays a struggling actress named Samantha Marlow who walks dogs to pay the bills. After accidentally denting the door on an attractive doctor’s SUV, she is swept into a plot full of violent dog-nappers, gothic bondage cultists and starving actors who are in denial,” -Nathan Carson, Willamete Week

Thanks Nathan Carson for the write up in Willamette Week!!

“Described to be in the surrealist Hollyweird style of John Waters and David Lynch”

BONED is featured in a Deadline article!!!…/bai-ling-boned-gravitas-ventures-kir…/

Ladies and Gentlemen, I can’t think of a better way for you to spend your evening than curled up watching this movie with a glass of wine or three.