June 13, 2024


Dear friends and curious others —

HI! I’m Skipp, your humble host and curator. And this will be my blog for many moons to come. Odds are good that the rest of the Fungasm gang will pop by from time to time. IT’S A PARTY BLOG! Who knows what kinda shit might happen!

One thing I know is gonna happen: we’re gonna run lots of interviews. Not just with our writers, but with other creative people we think are exciting: writers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, publishers, you name it. Spreading the fungasms far and wide.

When cool, pertinent videos show up, we will run them, too. (We’re hoping for oodles of that.) There will be thoughtful think pieces on the burning issues of our time, or whatever happens to be on our minds. Gobs of pure Bizarro strangeness. And, I anticipate, loads o’ laffs!

Because we’re just opening up the site, some of the rooms aren’t quite complete. We want the Author pages to reflect the entirety of their work, not just their Fungasm stuff. Some have their own websites, where you can follow them more closely. All of them are on Facebook, and some have Twitter and more. You know the drill. None of us are that hard to find.

So the bottom line is: THANKS FOR STOPPING BY! We’re gonna try to keep shit lively — maybe even downright inspirational, from time to time — as our little way of reminding you that you are not alone in recognizing that life is fucking weird. And art is cool.

But relative sanity — and quality art, insofar as I can tell — comes largely from embracing the madness at hand. Learning to ride it, even though you know it can never be tamed.

There is much of value in this beautiful, crazy-ass world. And a shitload of terror that cannot be denied. Soul-snuffing horror. Atrocity beyond belief.

Here at Fungasm Press, we wanna push the limits. Dance outside the lines. Leave no psychic stone unturned on our way to making sense of the non-sensible. Feeling grounded in the boundless strange.

And tuning into each other, for clues and support and palpable connection. Because everybody needs all the help they can get. If there’s one thing everybody wants, it is to be heard and understood. We are each other’s lifelines. And they are gonna come in handy.


Yer pal in the trenches,