July 24, 2024


HI! And welcome to Fungasm Press: your one-stop-shop for the coolest in mind-bending, genre-busting cult lit.

If you like unique, idiosyncratically exciting voices, telling stories packed with wild ideas you haven’t heard a million times before, riding waves of luscious, dangerous language that goes all the way there, with heart and soul to spare, then YAAAAY!!! You just might have come to the right place.

Fungasm is writer/filmmaker/troublemaker John Skipp’s boutique imprint of Eraserhead Press – the flagship of the growing Bizarro fiction movement (itself described as the literary equivalent of the “cult” section in the world’s coolest video store of yore) – and his mission is to only publish books he is absolutely in love with. In the hope that you will love them, too.

Bottom line? We’re not looking for a fan base. We’re looking to connect with amazing people. Smart, daring, one-of-a-kind badass people who aren’t afraid to plumb the darkest depths, or embrace the brightest light.

And, most of all, aren’t afraid to embrace the fun. The joy and wonder of it all. Cuz that’s where the gasm comes in.