May 23, 2024


I’m going to be super honest with you. I’m having a really hard time writing this post. There are so many things going on this weekend and I will be missing most of them due to the whole “life ain’t cheap” situation. I am trying to post links to things and I keep getting distracted by the pictures and stories going up online from all of my friends and colleagues at these fantastic events. Deep Breath. Slow Exhale.(that’s for me) Okay, let’s begin.

I would like to start this week out the right way by mentioning the San Pedro H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival starting today at the fabulous Warner Grand Theatre. Seriously, the lineup for this thing looks great and our very own Cody Goodfellow just happens to be one of the directors for the San Pedro chapter of HPLFF and he has put a lot of work into creating a beautiful event. Not only will Mr. Goodfellow be there but the guest list also includes the likes of Joseph S. Pulver, Leeman Kessler, Andrew Kasch, Nick Gucker and MANY more. Andrew Kasch will be presenting the wraparound footage from the upcoming horror movie Monsterland  that he shot with John Skipp at the Warner Grand! Another highlight I’d like to mention about the weekend is the performance that Skipp and Cody are going to be doing at the Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast on Sunday morning.


Next thing on my “I Want To Go To There” list is the release party being hosted by John Skipp and Laura Lee Bahr TONIGHT (8pm Stockroom Hall) in celebration of her book Long Form Religious Porn. I’m having a serious case of “missing out” this weekend and I implore you, IF you are in the Los Angeles metro area…GO TO THIS PARTY! HANG OUT WITH THESE PEOPLE!

And last, but in no way least, Fungasm Press is beyond thrilled to announce the ARCs (Advanced Reading Copy) of the latest book by the one and only Mr. Danger Slater.   PUPPET SKIN (coming this July) are now avalible for reviewers! 

From the back cover copy:

“Danger Slater is fearless, and should be ashamed of himself. Thank God he’s not.” — Josh Malerman, author of BIRD BOX

Hannah graduates from middle school on Friday. That’s the day she transforms into a living puppet, like her parents and teachers before her. No longer a human girl made of flesh and feelings, but a perfect wooden new self, whose strings lead up from her limbs into an endless black void above. With no pain. No sorrow. No sickness. No fear.

But Hannah has begun to suspect that something is very, very wrong. And in a world where emotion is treated like a disease, and unknown terrors lurk inside everyone, just keeping your soul alive past childhood might be the greatest challenge of all.

“PUPPET SKIN is a dark, grotesquely-beautiful Bizarro nightmare fable for alienated teens of all ages. If you’ve ever felt lost in this deranged universe, Danger’s book knows exactly what you mean.”


Okay ladies and gentlemen, I’m going back to living vicariously through the photos and stories of my awesome friends. If you get the chance to join them, PLEASE do.                       Do Something Fun!   -Lisa

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