March 24, 2023

The Puppet Dance Begins

“Hannah lived in a big house in the suburbs and she did her homework every night and she ate all of her acorn mash because she was always told that acorn mash would make her strong, and she emptied the dishwasher when it was full and she took out the trash when it started to smell and she always remembered to floss after brushing and both of her parents were puppets.

All adults were puppets.” -Puppet Skin by Danger Slater

Happy Friday!

This week is all about puppets.

Puppets in books, puppets HOLDING books and puppets on a trip to promote this new book.

Fungasm Press is extremely excited to announce their latest book, Puppet Skin by Danger Slater is now available for preorder on Amazon. And the release date is July 18th!!!


What? You never heard of YA Bizarro Horror Fiction before? Maybe it’s because there really hasn’t been any. Welcome to the future folks. Danger Slater has outdone himself again and I can’t wait for everyone to read it.

This one’s unique, even by Fungasm standards, in that it may be the most deeply fucked-up, weird-ass YA novel I’ve ever seen. Or maybe  it’s just a shockingly horrific Bizarro fairy tale for brain-starved teens of all ages. YOU TELL ME!”  -John Skipp

Over the next two weeks Puppet  Danger and Puppet Lisa will be heading across America on an puppet-venture with an appearance on the Bizzaong Podcast to talk about the new book and whatever other messed up stuff Frank comes up with to talk about.  

The puppets are also guests of honor at a very special bizarro bash in Chicago held by author Michael Allen Rose, the flawless Sauda Namir, as well as many more fantastical puppet-photo-ops. We will be posting these shenanigans on both Instagram and Twitter using  #PuppetSkinPreorder  and I promise, if not educational, it will at least be entertaining. 

Stay tuned and you might just be surprised by some of the cameos that drop in.

Cheers! Lisa

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