May 23, 2024

Fungasm Friday!!!


“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”

Some guy from some band said that.

And you know what? He was right.

Summer hasn’t even officially began and I’m already out of free weekends. EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND from now until September is spoken for.

Not all the plans involve work events, one of those weekends says “the Oregon coast” and another says “Lake Trillium” those are camping trips with my friends and family. Tonight it says Gilbert Road where Garrett Cook and Danger Slater  I mean,  Applause-O-Tron will be co hosting Portland’s weirdest night readings, performances and open mic slots with Portland’s ONLY monkey moderator.

Tonight is going to be a good time. But…..the rest of those, yuck.

Thank goodness for Bizarro Con.

When the sunburns and pool parties are just distant memories….

When the best holiday in the world (HALLOWEEN) is over and it gets dark at like 4pm.

THIS is something to look forward to. The 17th-20th of November and held at the Edgefield Hotel just outside of Portland Oregon. You will never experience anything quite like it anywhere else in the world.


If you love bizarro fiction and strange as fuck performances from the funnest group weirdos around, this is your kind of party and registration for 2016 just opened up at

My first year I was so nervous and drank so so much beers, (did I mention the beer yet? It’s great) and I heard Carlton Mellick III perform The Rules Of Fight Club followed by dancing to live music from The Slow Poisoner, Mr. Andrew Goldfarb accompanied by Mr. Skipp on the bongos.

This year I’m introducing a new element, the “Bizarro Pickles” event will take place on Thursday night, I’m going to make pickled radishes and a surprise item. (something spicy)

Another cool thing about Bizarro Con are a little thing called the Wonderland Book Awards.

The most talked about Bizarro books of 2015 are all up for nomination RIGHT NOW!!

Last year MP Johnson won for his book Dungeons and Drag Queens and if it weren’t for the runaway success of Jeremy Robert Johnson’s Skullcrack City I believe MP’s Cattle Cult Kill Kill would totally win this year. You can vote for your top three choices here:

But, if you want to have a say when it comes to the final vote, you have to go to Bizarro Con!

And finally, we are celebrating the 15th Anniversary Edition of SATAN BURGER!*Version*=1&*entries*=0

“The book that did more to frame the oncoming Bizarro revolution than any other”

John Skipp wrote the intro to this one, as a guy who helped frame a previous genre revolution with a funny name (splatterpunk).

“This book is brilliant”. (You can quote me on all this…..John Skipp)