May 23, 2024


HI! I’m turning 59 years old today. If I live another year, I will have fully lapped my expectations. Cuz I never ever EVER expected to make it to 30, hard and crazy as I’ve lived.

I always feel like, “Well, shit, dude. You make it through this one, we’ll talk about the next.” But so far, there’s always been a next, full of new things to do, and even more reasons to stay alive.

Insofar as I can tell, I was born to make art I believe in, and support the artists who do so, too. There’s a sweet spot in the universe that wants to be tickled hard. A cosmic clitoris that will get off like crazy, once we learn how to hit it. How could you NOT want to provide that invaluable, fungasmic service to all of creation?

If there’s one thing I love about not being dead yet, it’s the chance to connect with amazing people, with every speck of honesty and emotion and intelligence and uninhibited creativity we¬†can possibly muster together. Making our fleeting time together as astonishing and rewarding as it could possibly be.

HI! I’m 59 years old. And the universe goes on forever. Maybe we do, too. Maybe not. Who knows.

But my birthday present to you is the love underlying every speck of work I do, and that of the astonishing people I champion. Because, to me, they ARE champions. Art heroes. My heroes.

I may live forever. But one of these days, this John Skipp dude I’ve been playing for the last 59 is gonna get his ass shown the door. And I will step through it, like everyone else.

So, baby? LET’S ENJOY EACH OTHER WHILE WE CAN. Give each other the best of each other, for so long as we are able.

That’s what Fungasm means to me.

I love you crazy fuckers.

Let’s dance.