May 23, 2024

Fungasm Friday the 13th


Fungasm Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!

Today feels like a good day to do some creepy stuff. Like go swimming in the lake down by the old abandonded summer camp, or maybe pick up that questionable looking hitchiker.

I’m spending the day relaxing and lounging around on this beautiful 88 degree day. (what the hell, Oregon in May) I’m staring longingly at the unopen and slightly greenish swimming pool that I really ony want to go in because I”ve been told that I can’t and I’m also catching up on last week’s Horror Happens Radio Show from Jay Kay and


This week Jay chats with John Skipp and the beautiful Devora Gray, author of Human Furniture. . I missed the live airing of the show and chances are you did as well but never fear, Horror Happens is now archived on Sound Cloud. That means you can catch Devora and all of the Fungasm authors as well as a plethora of interesting intererviews with all kinds of cool people.

There are a lot of other events going on this week that I should  mention, like the StokerCon Horror Awards at The Flamingo in Las Vegas this weekend, but I think I’m just going to go break into that pool instead.

Cheers! From Lisa and #teamfungasm #fungasmfridays #smallpress #bizarrofiction