May 23, 2024


HI, EVERYBODY! Skipp here! Apologies for insanely long absence from these pages. But HOLY MOLEY, have I got some news for you!

1) Our own Laura Lee Bahr is currently touring the U.K. with her new collection, ANGEL MEAT. From what I gather, she’s having a blast; and though you missed her gigs in London and Scotland, she’s in Ireland now. If you get a chance, MEET HER! You’ll be glad you did! (And Laura, we look forward to the full report.)

2) This week, I’m editing HE DIGS A HOLE, the new one from Danger Slater. It is, I’m unsurprised to say, every bit as weird and sad and fun and fundamentally skull-rearranging as PUPPET SKIN and I WILL ROT WITHOUT YOU. We’ll be unleashing this in November, just in time for Bizarro Con.

3) Have also just received the very last essay for THE BIZARRO ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FILM from my amazing collaborator, Heather Drain. Which means we’re one serious copy-edit and polish away from the design stage, coming right up (cover and interior design by Paula Rozelle Hanback, who created the original Fungasm logo, and gorgeously captured our first book, Laura’s HAUNT).

We’ll have much more to discuss in the days and weeks to come. But yes, Fungasm Press is alive and well, with all our brain-melting art-o-tainment intact. THANKS SO MUCH FOR STOPPING BY!!!

Yer pal, Skipp