May 23, 2024

GET YOUR PUPPET ON!!! (the Danger Slater way)


Please join FUNGASM PRESS and DANGER SLATER on their journey through PUPPET PUBERTY with a PUPPET SKIN CONTEST!

A puppet, you say? You might think, “How is this possible?”

Well, you can either:

a.) Paint your face up to make you look puppet-y
b.) Use a photoswap app to switch your face out with a puppet’s face
c.) Get some paper or an old sock and craft a puppet version of yourself.

Then SHARE THAT SHIT on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Using the hashtag #puppetskin – and BOOM! You’ve been entered!

1st Prize:

*We will TURN YOU INTO A PUPPET! That’s right folks, using a photograph of your face that we will steal off of social media, you will have a little puppet version of yourself to love and treasure forever and ever.

*A Danger Slater T-Shirt (featuring the art of the extremely talented Mr. Erik Wilson).

*Your very own copy of Puppet Skin (signed by Danger Slater and Fungasm editor John Skipp)

*A Puppet Skin magnet and whatever other goodies we feel like throwing in.

2nd Prize:

Less impressive, but still a pretty cool prize. You will receive a signed copy of Puppet Skin and a magnet.

3rd Prize:

One signed copy of Puppet Skin.

*Contest runs from Oct 13th through October 31st 2016 with winners announced November 1st. Follow the Puppet Skin Instagram account for examples.

**all entries will be shared on the Puppet Skin Instagram account