May 23, 2024

The Art of loving Art

Oh my God you guys!

I went to the coolest thing yesterday. I’m in New Jersey with Danger and we went to the GROUNDS FOR SCULPTURE in Hamilton. We spent the afternoon wandering the property and saw MOST of the art they had tucked all over in between gardens and ponds. Oh, and did I mention they serve beer and wine?

Seriously. If you ever get the chance, please go.

Later when I was telling everyone who asked, (and a few people who didn’t) how fucking awesome it was, I realized something:

Never. Not once during that time did I think “I should be making this kind of stuff.” I just loved it and wanted to share it with people because I thought they’d love it too.

That’s how I feel about books and writers, especially small press writers. I discovered something that I think is amazing and I want to help spread the word.

As a result of me spreading my excitement over bizarro and weird fiction I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I write too. And when I say no they seem disappointed and that made me wonder “am I supposed to?” or “why don’t I?”

I think I have finally figured out my answer for the next time it comes up.

Art needs people who just LOVE it. People who want to appreciate it, are inspired by it and share it with everyone they know.

Books and authors do too. In fact, believe it or not, writers are not the most outgoing or self confidant group of people out there. Sure, there are exceptions but in general they’re kinda shy and awkward. So, if you know of a place in your local hometown that would host a reading let people know. If you really like a person’s work, contact them and say so.

Writers don’t just need people to order their books….oh, they need that for sure. But there’s more, they need people to be fans, people to go to their readings, to share with their friends, to start book clubs and write reviews. They need to be loved just like the rest of us.

So get out there and spread some bizarro love my friends, and until next time…I’m just going to keep being the only person in the picture who ISN’T a published author.

Cheers! Lisa  #bizarrofiction #fungasmpress