May 23, 2024

I Am Genghis Cum


I Am Genghis Cum by Violet LeVoitWant to repopulate the world in your own image, one rampaging sperm bank jack-off at a time? Would you like your stigmata with special sauce, in a fast-food corporate nightmare of hellish proportions?

From the savage Arctic tundra to post-partum mutations to your missing daughter’s unmarked grave, join Violet LeVoit in this non-stop onslaught of full-tilt Bizarro punk lit thrills. ENJOY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

“So scary it’s funny, so Mensa-smart it’s insane, I Am Genghis Cum wants to impregnate yourbrain-womb and force you to deliver the unthinkable yourself. I am stunned by how good thisbook is.”

– John Skipp, from the introduction

Original art by Josh Meyers.